Android Data Migration

How to export my Passdiary information from an Android Device to another Android device?

In order to export Passdiary password information from one Android Device to another Android Device please follow the below mentioned steps:

Open Passdiary App and clikc backup uitlity
Click Export password
Export via Email or SD card
Export via Email
Enter "Password" and "Confirm Password" and click on "Ok" button. Please remember this password as you will be asked to enter it again while importing the backup file onto your other Android Device.
Export on Gmail screen
Export using SD cards
Export using SD card done
Export done with SD card
Export ok
Confirm the Export with password
check your email
Open "Passdiary-The Password Manager" App on your Android Device. To download Passdiary Android App, please click on the link below
Launch Passdiary and open backup utility
Click Import password
SD-Card Import option
Select the backup file in File manager
Select .epk file
Valid the back up file
Password match